IP protection level test IPX6 and IPX9K

Our housings are not only dust and watertight, but also protected against strong jets of water and steam jets

So far, all of our devices have protection level IP68 and are marked as such. This means they are dustproof and protected against permanent submersion (max. 24 hours). After a customer`s request, we had our housings tested by the NonaChem test laboratory regarding protection class IPx6 (strong jet water test according to DIN EN 60529:2014-9) and also IPx9K (steam jet test according to ISO 20653:2013-02).

And, what can we say: Also this requirement they have passed with flying colors; no water ingress was to be noticed at any of the enclosures.

However, unlike most of our competitors, we have decided to label our devices only with protection level IP66/IP68. The reason for this is that only the housings without cable gland are tested in the protection class test, however, the cable gland is the weakest link in the protection system. When cleaning the housing with a high-pressure cleaner/steam jet device, we therefore recommend not aiming at the cable entries but to be careful around this area.

The entire test report can be found here ...