PEDAK & SAMCON - A Beneficial Cooperation

When Measurement Technology meets Explosion Protection - New solutions for exact temperature measurement in hazardous areas are found

PEDAK meettechniek‘s core competence lies in measurement technology whereas SAMCON is an expert in explosion protection. Together, this is a perfect match when it comes to using temperature as an analyzing tool in hazardous environments. „We were looking for a company with an expertise in measurement technology as well as in machine vision and automation. All of these requirements are met by PEDAK”, says Steffen Seibert, CEO at SAMCON. “We have just launched two new thermal measuring cameras, which are installed in small ex-d housings”, he adds, “so that SAMCON can now offer a very compact temperature measurement solution for hazardous areas. It was therefore important to us finding a partner with whom we can combine our know-how and expertise regarding explosion protection and their expertise in the field of temperature measurement. And this led to this new cooperation between PEADAK and SAMCON.”

Read more about PEDAK meettechniek, the advantages of temperature measurement, the great cooperation and our new solution for the market: a small thermal process camera.
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