Symphony of dEXtruction

Our cameras are used in the most demanding environments in the world. To ensure that they are made for the hardest conditions we subjected them to a rigorous toughness test.

We had a lot of fun shooting our latest image video. Under the motto "Symphony of dEXtruction" we wanted to see what our cameras can withstand in the endurance test.

Our cameras are used in the most demanding environments in the world. They have to withstand high temperature differences, ensure reliable operation in both polar and equatorial regions. Sometimes the cameras are subject to shocks, e.g. from falling rocks (in mining). They must be protected against vandalism. They are used in dusty and wet environments. They have to withstand salt water as well as oil, grease, hydraulic fluids and other chemicals. The cameras are exposed to vibrations and extreme solar radiation on drilling blade forms, due to wind and weather. They must be able to withstand high reference pressures. Of course, they always have to be safe. No ignitable sparks may escape to the outside.

To ensure that our cameras are made for the toughest conditions, they are subjected to strict certifications (e.g. by TÜV). We do some tests in-house, some are done for us by accredited institutes. We set standards that cover the entire product life cycle.

But in the video we go one step further. Have fun watching:

And many thanks to our “EX-pert” actors and cameraman.

Conclusion: our cameras are almost indestructible.