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Video Analysis

Video surveillance systems produce massive amounts of video. Due to lack of time or resources however, most of this video never gets watched or reviewed. As a result, security incidents get missed and suspicious behavior is not detected in time to prevent incidents. These challenges have played a large part in the development of video analytics.

Video analytics are software applications that automatically generate descriptions of what is actually happening in the video (so-called metadata), which can be used to list persons, cars and other objects detected in the video stream, as well as their appearance and movements. This information can then be used as the basis on which to perform actions, e.g. to decide if security staff should be notified, or if a recording should be started...

SmokeCatcher - Early Fire Detection System

Fire detection in real time: The ExCam SmokeCatcher Series

A system that detects a fire earlier than conventional fire detectors? A system that does not only report a fire but also delivers a detailed assessment from a safe distance? A system that can also be used in aggressive environments as well as in hazardous areas?
The new ExCam SmokeCatcher makes all this possible. The particularly developed software is integrated into a conventional IP CCTV camera which then continuously examines the video images to detect smoke and immediately reports an emerging fire. And in contrast to conventional video-based fire detection analysis, all this takes place in the camera itself so that the data does not have to be sent via the network to a central server hence keeping the network load low, saving on expensive hardware... more!