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Process Control Systems / Automation Systems

We have offered services in the areas of process control and automation systems since 1991. In the meantime, we have consistently improved our capabilities in these areas. 

We support and advise our customers with experience across a wide range of systems and through the creative combination of technical possibilities...

CCTV Systems

SAMCON cameras are designed for the usage in explosion risk zones like


Software Development

Managing electrical, instrumentation and control (EIC) data is not simple. The data often exist in various formats. Different operating systems, older databases, planning programs, data from process control systems, etc.We are in a position to "sort" this data on a customer-specific basis. It does not matter whether MS ACCESS or SQL should be used, nor does it matter whether the data will then be visualised in ACCESS or in a browser...

CCTV (Surveillance Systems)

We have planned video monitoring systems in explosion risk zones for a wide range of customers since 2003. The CCTV applications range here from simple system monitoring to controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission for increasing work safety in explosion risk zones...