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"Design and development are basically very simple processes:
Customers create a demand for an equipment, a system or a solution and the development department has to satisfy those needs.
So basically all of our developments and designs are based on customers’ requirements."

Thiemo Gruber

Thiemo Gruber

hardware development, process control systems, Ex-Connection-Rail series, industrial networks, ex-camera systems

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-17
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: t.gruber@samcon.eu
vCard: Thiemo Gruber

Sebastian Weber

production, installation, commissioning, repair, mechanical construction, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-21
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: s.weber@samcon.eu
vCard: Sebastian Weber

Michael Kassner

software development, consulting, 2nd level support, SAMCONtrol,
WinCon, WebPI, Hosting & Server management

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-82
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: m.kassner@samcon.eu
vCard: Michael Kassner

Steffen Seibert

hardware development, software development, process control systems, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-13
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: s.seibert@samcon.eu
vCard: Steffen Seibert

Mario Reschke

freelancer, process control systems, automation systems , software development, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks, visualisation software, OPC client applications

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-0
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: m.reschke@samcon.eu


Schillerstraße 17
35102 Lohra-Altenvers

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F:  +49 6426 9231-31
M: +49 171   6513746



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