SAMCON produces camera systems for explosion risk and hazardous areas (2014/34/EU ATEX). CCTV applications range from simple monitoring applications to fully controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission. Furthermore, SAMCON develops, produces and sells devices, software and engineering services in the area of process control engineering.

Your way to an Ex-camera - From the component to the certified Ex-device


Handshake between Daniel Großeloh and Steffen Seibert about the new collaboration.

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Our latest explosion-proof IP camera with motorized varifocal lens has a new camera technology hidden in the compact housing - eneo inside.

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Our company was awarded the TOP 100 seal for its innovative strength

Newly crowned innovation champion: SAMCON GmbH has received the TOP 100 seal 2024.

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Explosion Proof Cameras

Samcon develop and produce explosion proof camera systems. Whether simple explosion proof camera-monitor systems are required or complex CCTV systems such as ex-proof PTZ cameras or explosion proof dome camera systems with audio integration have to be implemented - SAMCON always strive to offer the best solution to our customers.

Explosion Proof Camera
Explosion Proof Camera. CCTV Videocamera in an explosion proof camera housing. ATEX and IECEx Certification, blast proof camera for use in explosion risk zones and danger zones.

CCTV Cameras for Use in Explosion Risk Areas

SAMCON cameras are manufactured in such a way that no ignition spark can escape the camera housing (explosion proof camera housings). Thus the cameras can be used in explosion risk areas, such as 

  • Oil plants and gas plants (Onshore and Offshore)
  • Chemical Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Refineries, fuel depots , pipelines and distribution stations
  • Security Surveillance
  • Power plants
  • Mines, Compost Plants/Waste Fills
  • Wastewater treatment plants and landfills
  • Port facilities and logistics hubs
  • Food processing and pharmaceutical plants
  • Rigs, biogas plants and silos

Samcon exproof cameras can be an alternative for the following brands, distributor and manufacturers: Avex CCTV, Axis XP40-Q1765, Bartec, Bosch Ex Series, Pixavi, Coex, Dexter Dex, Exsite, Hernis, Kongsberg, Maximus Mobotix, Olarco, Oxalis, Papenmeier, Pelco, SBE DHSR, Schrader Bergbau, Seatronics, Stahl EC, Sesys, Tecnovideo, Videotec Maximus.

Blast Proof and Rugged Cameras in Explosion Proof Housings: The ExCam Series

The ExCam Series consists of different video cameras that are approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).The ExCam Series is the world´s smallest explosion proof camera system in its class. The main advantage lies in the modular build up: various different housings and electronical parts make it easy to assemble explosion proof cameras that suit your particular needs. The ExCam Series consist of analogue cameras with variofocal lenses, motorzoom cameras with infrared cut filter and digital network cameras with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixel (FullHD).

Explosion Proof Camera Housings (Ex-Proof Camera Enclosures)

All our camera housings are explosion proof, designed with IP67 protection and resistant to seawater. Care for something lighter? ExCam cameras in an aluminum housing are perfectly suited for outdoor applications and have outstanding heat conduction properties when combined with the sun shade. Something refined? Try an ExCam in a stainless steel housing. Extremely refined and compact, the stainless steel housing is perfectly suited for applications in chemically aggressive environments. 


SAMCON Prozessleittechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 and is located in Lohra-Altenvers, near Marburg. The company is specialized in the development, production and sale of devices, software as well as engineering services in the area of process control engineering. Since 2008, the company has met the requirements for quality management specified by the directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and produces camera and communication systems for hazardous areas. In 2014, SAMCON extended their quality management system, now also comprising ISO 9001:2008 as well as IECEx QAR. Since 2007, SAMCON GmbH have been an Axis development partner and in 2013 this partnership was extended as both companies now jointly cooperate as Technology Partners. SAMCON cameras are certified by the TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Authority. Samcon‘s most important objectives are high quality planning, well thought-out equipment technology, safety, and of course customer satisfaction.