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All accessories have been thoroughly tested with regard to their use in industrial zones, reflecting the highest quality standards. Accessories for explosion risk zones are in accordance with the current norms; DIN EN 60079-0, -14, Directive 2014/34/EU, as well as the norms for the applicable explosion protection. Our accessories are compatible with cameras of the ExCam Series as well as cameras from the RoughCam Series.

Our Wall Mount Brackets are made of stainless steel and therefore they are corrosion resistant. Furthermore they are sturdy and vibration tested. The Wall Mount Bracket is designed for easy mounting of fixed network cameras. Thanks to the stainless steel mounting bracket the chosen camera can be adjusted in various tilt angles.

Our Weather Protection Roofs

Weather Protection Roof WPR-VA2.0

For cameras with model-key T08/T10-VA2.0:
- ExCam IPM2036

Weather Protection Roof WPR-VA2.1

For cameras with model-key T08/T10-VA2.1:
- ExCam IPM114x

Weather Protection Roof WPR-VA2.2

For cameras with model-key T08/T10-VA2.2:
- ExCam IPQ1715

Weather Protection Roof WPR-VA2.3

For cameras with model-key T08/T10-VA2.3:
- ExCam IPP1377
- ExCam IPQ1615
- ExCam IPQ1785

Our Weather Protection Roofs are made of stainless steel and therefore they are corrosion resistant. They protect the camera from direct splash water. Furthermore they dispose of mounting holes with a spacing of 5 mm in order to allow adjusting the hood's position to perfectly meet the selected angle of view.

Our Hinge Attachments

Other Accessories

Clamp Fastening


Mounting  WMB-VA2.3
to an I-beam (DIN 1025)
- ExCam IPQ1645 & ExCam IPQ1615
- ExCam IPQ1785

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