The Company

SAMCON Prozessleittechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 and is located in Lohra-Altenvers, near Marburg. The company is specialized in the development, production and sale of devices, software as well as engineering services in the area of process control engineering. It currently has 20 regular and freelance employees. The general managers of the company are Roger Thoms and Steffen Seibert.

Since 2008, the company has met the requirements for quality management specified by the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) - now 2014/34/EU - and produces camera and communication systems for hazardous areas. In 2014, SAMCON extended their quality management system, now also comprising ISO 9001:2008 as well as IECEx QAR. Since 2007, SAMCON GmbH have been an Axis development partner and in 2013 this partnership was extended as both companies now jointly cooperate as Technology Partners.

SAMCON cameras are certified by the TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Authority. Whether simple explosion proof camera-monitor systems are required or complex CCTV systems have to be implemented - SAMCON always strive to offer the best solution to our customers. Samcon‘s most important objecti-ves are high quality planning, well thought-out equipment technology, safety, and of course customer satisfaction

Customers and Project References

We have offered services in the areas of process control and automation systems since 1991. Since 2003 we have been designing explosion proof video surveillance systems (CCTV) for hazardous areas.

Camera and Communication Systems in Process Control Systems

Thanks to modern control and process control systems, systems in the chemical industry now feature a high degree of automation, even in explosion risk zones. A wealth of different process factors are recorded in the field and visualised in plant measuring stations. But what is the situation actually like when it comes to centrifuges or disc dryers? Does the noise of a pump suggest a damaged bearing? To look into these and other questions, on-site inspections are regularly performed and a whole range of different sight glasses are examined. Camera and communication systems have found their way into automation technology...

Camera and Communication Technology at Landfill Mine "Deponie Asslar"

The Toughest Camera and Communication Technology Requirements in Explosion Risk Zones

System: Eleonore Tunnel of the Asslar Biomass Landfill Site. 1000 metres of underground tunnel. 1000 metres of tunnel away from the plant measuring station. Explosion Risk Sub-Zones. Pipe-cleaning work with a maximum water pressure of up to 900bar. Camera and Communication System Requirement: Consistent monitoring of the entire gallery with explosion protected camera systems. Full-duplex voice communication between the work groups under complete breathing protection and the tunnel surveillance team in the plant monitoring station. Complete integration of the camera and communication system in the process control system....