Network Cameras (TCP/IP & PoE)


TCP/IP network cameras provide digital network video streams in different resolutions. It is spoken from IP-based camera systems or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems is when the video information and if necessary the voice information are transmitted using the TCP / IP protocol (Video over IP, Voice over IP).
Our digital ExCam network cameras can also be powered via Power over Ethernet, making installation in a hazardous area could not be easier!

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IP-based camera systems will prevail in the long term, except for a few special applications, compared to analogue camera systems. The main reasons for this are:

  • Installations can be based on standard network components (cables, switches, media converters etc.) from different manufacturers. All Ethernet media (copper, fiber, wireless) are usable
  • Information is transported in the form of TCP / IP packets. To visualize the camera images conventional PCs, notebooks, or PDAs can be used. These are either already in operation available, or can be purchased inexpensively. Expensive special hardware such as controllers or analog monitors are therefore not needed.
  • Software solutions are important tools and replace expensive additional hardware. Thus, for example, for recording the camera images no more VCRs are requires, and video switching and analyzing are only program functions.
  • Software solutions allow a very high degree of customization. The overview screens can be customized and can be integrated, for example, in site plans. A real integration into your process control systems can be realized.
  • The intelligence of the camera network is decentralized in digital camera systems. Thus, the camera features will be much more powerful. For example, network cameras can "decide" whether a record is important or not. Thus, only the data is stored, which is really needed.
  • IP-based Ex-camera systems provide worldwide access (for example, through secure VPN tunnel). The cameras and dome cameras can be viewed and controlled from anywhere in the world. In addition, the Ex camera may share its information, for example from a remote biogas plant; send it directly to your workspace.

Certification Ex-Cameras T08


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