The RoughCam IPP1275 is an ultra compact varifocal camera for use in industrial areas – not only offering superb HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080) but also a powerful varifocal lens. The RoughCam IPP1275 is a modular Network-Camera. This means that it consists of two units: the ultra compact sensor unit (lens and image sensor) and the main unit (network, power and memory card slot).



  • Extremely robust
  • Ultra-Compact and Leightweight Sensor Unit in Combination with a Main Unit
  • Single-Cable-Solution (PoE)
  • Protection Level of IP68/IP66 (IEC 60529)
  • High Resolution: 1920x1080 (HDTV 1080p)
  • Varifocal-Lens


Ultra compact IP-camera

During the RoughCam IPP1275’s development stage the focus was clearly laid on security aspects as well as mechanical precision and high-quality stainless steels. In addition, the modular design of the housing components prior to the camera’s development allows a free combination of the individual housing components such as different flanges in combination with the housing body.

Regarding the technical parameters we have pushed the limits of what is feasible: In the media resistance and the ambient temperature we set standards with the RoughCam series.


Media resistance and seals

Due to the high-quality materials used for the T11 Series, it is resistant against a lot of media. The particularly designed GYLON (PTFE) flat sealing does not only ensure the housing to be watertight (IP68) but also supports the resistance towards several chemicals. The extremely robust and scratch-proof as well as high-impact resistant borosilicate glass fits perfectly into the high-quality materials of the housing body.



The allowed ambient temperature range of the RoughCam IPP1275 starts at -20°C and goes up to +50°C.


Reduced installation costs & Power over Ethernet (PoE)

A particularity of the RoughCam IPP1275 is that data as well as power is transmitted via a single cable which means that for the installation within the safe area, only a PoE-Switch or a PoE-Midspan is required.


Small housing - great resolution (HD)

With its length of just 127 mm and a diameter of only 48 mm, the Sensor Unit of the RoughCam IPP1275 is ultra compact – and has got powerful functions. With progressive scan, the RoughCam IPP1275 is capable of making high-resolution images of moving objects: Without motion blur! The RoughCam IPP1275 delivers sharp images in HDTV resolution.



The RoughCam IPP1275 provides a lens with vario-focus. It is excellent for overview or close-up applications.


Differences in Brightness and Colour Rendering

The RoughCam IPP1275 delivers razor sharp images in any light. It is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range - Forensic Capture, which enables the camera to handle scenes with strong variations in light. Even in poor light the camera offers good colour video.


Local record stores & Edge Storage

The RoughCam IPP1275 has a microSD / microSDHC  slot for a memory card of up to 64 GB (card not included) so that each camera disposes of an integrated recording device. In addition, the camera supports the active recording of streams into a central network directory (network storage or file server). The RoughCam IPP1275 stores data independently without the control of external computers.


Benefits of digital network video surveillance

An IP network video surveillance system offers numerous advantages and special features:
•    Remote access
•    High image quality
•    Event management and intelligent video
•    Easy, safe and sustainable integration
•    Scalability and flexibility
•    Cost efficiency


Remote access

Network cameras and video encoders can be accessed and configured remotely so that multiple authorized users can watch live video images at any time and from any networked location worldwide.  This is an advantage in case you want to grant users of other companies, e.g. of a security company, access to the video images as well.


Intelligent Camera - thanks to varirous smart analytic features

Often, an excessive amount of video data is recorded and there is not enough time available to analyze it properly. Advanced network cameras and video encoders with integrated intelligence or analysis functions resolve this problem by reducing irrelevant video recordings as well as by initiating pre-programmed actions. Such functions are not available for analog systems. The RoughCam IPP1275 offers integrated functions such as video motion detection, active tampering alarm, and alarm and event management functions. Using these features makes the network cameras and video encoders capable of continuously analyzing the input data in order to detect events and to respond automatically – e.g. by starting a video recording and sending alarm notifications. Event management functions can be set via the user interface or the network video software. Users can define the alarms or events by the used trigger and specify the time period in which the event has to be active. Furthermore, the actions can be configured (e.g. recording of one or more locations, locally and / or at remote locations, activation of external devices such as sirens, lights and door opener, sending notifications to users).


High image quality

For video surveillance applications, a high image quality is essential in order to be able to clearly identify involved persons or objects. With its progressive scan and megapixel technology, the RoughCam IPP1275 offers a much better image quality as well as a higher resolution than any analog CCTV camera. In addition, it is much easier to ensure the image quality in an IP network than in an analog system. For the current analog systems using a DVR as a recording device, numerous data conversions from analog to digital and vice versa take place: First the camera converts the analog signals into digital data, afterwards they are re-converted analog signals to allow transmission. Subsequently, the analog signals are re-digitalized again for recording. Each conversion procedure as well as the cable’s signal attenuation influences the image quality. The greater the transmission distance of these analog signals is, the weaker the signal becomes. In a fully digital IP-Surveillance system, images from a network camera are digitized only once and they then remain in the digital format. As a result, not only unnecessary conversions are avoided but also image degradation due to long transmission distances in a network will not occur. In addition, digital images can be stored easily and retrieve much easier than it is possible with analog videotapes.


Easy, safe and sustainable integration

Network video products based on open standards can be integrated simply in combination with video management and application software.


Scalability and flexibility

A network video system can grow with the needs of its users. For IP-based systems, the same wired or wireless network can be used for data exchange by many network cameras and video encoders as well as other types of applications.
Therefore,  a variable number of network video products can be added to the system without the need for extensive or expensive changes to the network infrastructure. In an analog system this is not possible. In an analog video system a particularly provided coaxial cable must be wired directly from each camera to a display / recording station. In comparison, network video products can virtually be placed at any site and incorporated into any network. They can be open or strictly protected.


Cost Efficiency

An IP-Surveillance system typically has a lower total operating cost than a conventional analog CCTV system. In most cases, an IP network infrastructure does already exist so that a network video application can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.  Wired or wireless networking solutions are also much cheaper than coaxial and fiber optic cable for analog CCTV systems. The administrative as well as equipment costs are lower as back-end storage applications that can be purchased off the shelve basically everywhere in the world.

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