Company Compliance


“SAMCON stands for technological expertise, innovation, customer orientation and motivated employees who act responsibly. This is what our excellent reputation with customers, on the financial market and in society is based on all over the world. For a successful, traditional company like SAMCON, compliance with the law goes without saying. Breaches like corruption or cartel violations threat these guarantees of success and are not tolerated under any circumstances (“zero tolerance strategy”). Corruption, cartel and export violations or other unlawful activities are not a method of getting orders for us. We prefer to lose out on a transaction and to miss internal targets than to breach laws, recognised standards and values.”

The management of SAMCON GmbH has issued this Compliance Statement to clarify our stance on compliance with the relevant laws and guidelines at the company without any ambiguity. The primary goal of the clarity of these statements is to protect the company and its employees.

With our Compliance Programme, we have introduced far-reaching measures to ensure that corruption and cartel provisions, external trade laws and other standards, as well as the company guidelines based on these, are observed. Violations will not be tolerated and will result in sanctions for the relevant individuals. All managers, all employees and each individual member of staff must have an understanding of the extraordinary level of risk that a violation of these regulations may have for SAMCON, as well as for them personally. Each employee is required to make an active contribution to implementing the SAMCON Compliance Programme in their area of responsibility.

Company values

The following value principle guide us in all our activities and help us to shape the future of the company:

•    “We value our employees and business partners”
•    “Based on our traditions, we are open to innovation”
•    “We implement our values in an active and effective manner”
•    “All our actions are focused and consistent”

Guiding principles

In order to ensure the company’s success on a sustainable basis and our excellent reputation with our business partners and the public, the following guiding principles apply to the activities of all our employees:

•    We have a clear Code of Conduct for all employees at the company
•    We take our responsibility for society and the environment seriously
•    We implement a contemporary, fair and motivational management culture
•    We are committed to fair and lawful actions in competition in all circumstances
•    We monitor compliance with our Code of Conduct on a continuous basis
•    We aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction
•    We aim to be able to implement the tasks we are given by our customers in a fast, dynamic and effective manner
•    We aim to maximise the proportion of in-house production
•    We aim to achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction
•    We aim to promote individual responsibility amongst employees
•    We aim to always manage the company in accordance with the valid laws and regulations
•    We aim to always manage the company in harmony with the environment and society

Social responsibility principles

Respect for human rights
We are part of society and promote its development where we can. We respect the personal dignity of each individual. SAMCON respects and supports compliance with internationally recognised human rights. In this regard, we are committed to opposing all forms of discrimination within the framework of the respective applicable laws and regulations. This relates, in particular, to any disadvantage of employees on the basis of their gender, race, disability, ethnic or cultural background, religion or world view, age or sexual orientation. This applies both to internal cooperation and to our behaviour with respect to external partners. Our corporate culture is dedicated to this principle.

Social acceptance
Society’s acceptance of our wide range of activities is the prerequisite for our long-term and sustainable business success. We are aware that our reputation is shaped by the image, actions and behaviour of each individual in our company group. Each employee respects the image of SAMCON in society and bases their activities in terms of fulfilling their tasks on this principle.

Sustainability & environmental protection
We base our activities on the principles of sustainability. We are aware of the scarcity of resources and our responsibility to future generations and therefore ensure that our products and manufacturing processes comply with the conditions for sustainable development with regard to the three elements of environmental, economic and social aspects. Each employee works in accordance with this principle in their role. SAMCON is committed to the goal of sustainable environmental protection for current and future generations. Laws introduced to protect the environment are to be observed. SAMCON supports employees in their environmentally friendly activities. Protecting the environment for current and future generations and observing all valid environmental protection laws and guidelines is a key principle for SAMCON. SAMCON supports employees in their environmentally friendly activities and expects employees to act in this way. This applies, in particular, to the use and development of new product and manufacturing technologies which preserve natural resources, enable recycling, reduce environmental pollution as much as possible and protect the natural environment.

Principles for responsibility to employees

SAMCON guarantees occupational health and safety in the workplace within the framework of the national provisions. Support will be provided for continuous further development with the goal of improving the working environment. SAMCON respects the right of its employees to freedom of association within the framework of the respective valid laws and regulations. SAMCON is against all forms of forced labour and/or child labour.

Management culture
Each of our managers is responsible for their employees. They must earn the respect of the employees by exemplary personal performance, openness and social skills. The managers should place their trust in their employees and agree clear, ambitious and realistic goals and give their employees as much independent responsibility and freedom as possible.

Promoting employees
The success of SAMCON is thanks to the knowledge, experience and dedication of each individual employee. SAMCON invests in the qualifications and skills of employees; in particular, hard work and performance are encouraged. This is how we ensure the future viability of the company.

Fairness, tolerance and equal opportunities
We value all employees equally, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, world view, disability, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation and age. As a company that operates all over the world, we treat our employees in a fair and open manner, as well as with understanding and tolerance. In this respect, the company expects all employees to treat colleagues, employees and third parties in an objective, friendly and fair manner.

Data protection, confidentiality and the protection of the rights of third parties
SAMCON requires its employees to safeguard and protect trade and/or business secrets of SAMCON and its business partners. Trade and/or business secrets may not be passed on in an unauthorised manner or made accessible in any other way unless express permission to do so has been granted or the information in question is accessible to the public. Employees shall maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all trade and/or business secrets both during the employment relationship and after the termination thereof. The guidelines relating to the use of, access to and security of software, information technology, email, internet/intranet and voice mail systems are to be observed. All data protection regulations, including internal company regulations, are to be observed.

Personal data may only be collected, processed or used insofar this is necessary for defined, clear and lawful purposes. A high standard must be ensured with regard to data quality and the technical security against unauthorised access. The use of the data must be transparent for the data subjects and their rights with regard to information and rectification, as well as, where appropriate, objection, blocking and erasure, are to be safeguarded.

Patents, inventions and other expertise are of existential importance for the success and the future of SAMCON. Therefore, no employees are permitted to pass on new findings or trade secrets in any form to third parties; company documents and data carriers are, in principle, to be protected against access by unauthorised persons.

All employees are to respect any valid third-party property rights and must refrain from the unauthorised use thereof. No employees are permitted to procure or use third-party secrets in an unauthorised manner. Company property may only be used for business purposes.

Quality objectives

The quality of our products and services is a factor which guarantees our success. The continuous further development of our products always takes place in accordance with the principle of achieving the best possible product quality. By implementing the following key points, we aim to keep our quality at the highest level on an ongoing basis.

•    Management of the skills and professional progress of our employees by means of appropriate training courses
•    Promotion of understanding of the task to be carried out and its effects on the quality.
•    Creation of a motivational working environment which is suitable for the tasks in question and provides a safe space in which to work.
•    Optimisation of product safety
•    Optimisation of product efficiency