The cable SKA02 is a system cable for connecting analog camera systems and was particularly developed to be used in hazardous areas. It meets the requirements for cables and wires according to DIN EN 60079-14. When using the applicable cable gland, it is possible to insert the cable directly into flameproof enclosures.


  • Meets the requirements for cables in hazardous areas in accordance to IEC/EN 60079-14 Chapter 9.3.
  • Tested for -40°C fixed installation.
  • Tested for +80°C fixed installation.
  • Constructed with an additional power channel: Square: 3 x 1.5 mm², Color code: BK-BU-GN/YE.


EN 60079-14:2014 „Electrical installations design, selection and erection
IEC 60079-14:2013 „Electrical installations design, selection and erection
EN 50288-10-1; IEC 61156-5 ; EN 50173 ; ISO/IEC 11801 2. edition
EN 60332-1-2 ; IEC 60754-2; UL AWM 21586

Chemical characteristics:

Oil resistant in accordance to VDE 0472 Section 803 (Toil max = 100°C, IRM2, testperiod of 7 days 40% elongation and 40% tensile strength); Flame retardant in accordance to IEC 60332-1-2 (1kW flame); UV-resistant; halogenfree, microben and hydrolysis resistant


SAMCON GmbH SKA02 +Art.-Nr. 0001004033 / Koax 75OHM 2x2x0,25mm² +4x0,75mm²


Outer jacket: PUR
Color outer sheat: black, similar to RAL 9005 matt
Color of the printing: TSD white
Outer diameter: ca. 9.4 ± 0.30 mm
Twisting: coax. + Twisted Pair + Power + fleece banding + sheat

Video signal cable:

Typ: coaxial
Core: 19x0.127 mm tinnend = AWG24
Dielectric material: Polyolefine
Core diameter dielectric: 2.80 ± 0.10 mm
Color dielectric: nature
Shield: plated copper braid, 90% density
Sheath material: TPE-black
Sheath diameter: 4.00 mm
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Capacitance: 58 pF/m

Control signal cable:

Typ: Twisted Pair
Conductor: 2x2x0.25 mm² closed Cu shielded; per conductor: plain copper 19x0.127 mm; br,gb; or,gn
Sheath: double wrapping foil

Power elements:

Typ: single conductors
Conductors: 4x0.75 mm²; per conductor: 42x0.15 mm blank
Isolation: Polyolefine
Color of conductors: rd, bk, gr, wh I

Mechanical characteristics:

Temperature range:
Fix installed: -40°C to +80°C
During installation: -20°C to +80°C
Bending radius: >12 x diameter

Electrical characteristics:

Conductor resistance Koax/ 0.25 mm²: Max. 78 Ohm / km
Conductor resistance Koax/ 0.75 mm²: Max. 28 Ohm / km
Insulation resistance: >200 Ohm x km
Capacity: 61 pF / m
Characteristic impedance: 73 Ohm
Test voltage Sparktest: 2.5 kV
Test voltage A/C: 0.8 kV

Questions about our products

You are not sure which cable is the right one for your application. Perhaps our Topical Booklet and our Cable-Comparison-Matrix may help you for the desicion. You can find practical help for commissioning and installation in our video "Cables for hazardous areas in combination with ex-d housings".

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