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Demo-Videos Explosion Proof CCTV Cameras

Fire detection system incorporated in an explosion proof camera

A system that detects a fire earlier than conventional fire detectors? A system that does not only report a fire but also delivers a detailed assessment from a safe distance? A system that can also be used in aggressive environments as well as hazardous areas?

Look no further, the new ExCam Smoke Catcher Series makes all this possible. The particular software is integrated into conventional IP CCTV cameras which then continuously examines the video image regarding smoke and immediately reports an emerging fire. The highlight: In contrast to conventional video-based fire detection analysis, all this takes place in the camera itself. Nothing has to be sent via the network to a central server hence keeping the network load low and saving on expensive hardware.

Cleansing of a refinery tank with an ex-proof CCTV camera

This video shows a highly dynamic, hydraulically controllable spray cannon used to clean tanks like in the oil-, gas or chemical industry. An explosion proof camera, the ExCam niteZoom, and ex-proof headlamp are fixed on the spray lance and can be moved along two different axes. This means that every part of a tank can be cleaned from inside -- unmanned. The camera and headlamp serve as the “eyes” of the cleaning robot and the operator.

The equipment is obviously used under extreme conditions. The camera, fixed to the spray lance, must endure vibrations from the hydraulic drive, chemicals, changing temperatures, gases and humidity.

ExCam miniZoom @ rangeEXtender

The rangeExtender is a pneumatic pan-tilt-system for the ExCam series. The system works exclusively with compressed air! The left-right and up-down contacts are wired intrinsically safe so that the RangeExtender can be installed in hazardous areas and danger zones. The pan-tilt-speed and the end positions can be adjusted mechanically.

ExCam miniZoom vs. ExCam niteZoom field test at 50-100Watt

The video shows the differences in light sensitivity of the explosion proof cameras ExCam miniZoom and ExCam niteZoom in a field test with 50 watts and 100 watts illumination sources. During the test, we changed the object distances from 10 to 60 meters. At the end of the film, we summarized the results.

Explosion proof cameras: ExCam miniZoom vs. ExCam niteZoom

The test shows the different light sensitivities of the ExCam miniZoom and the ExCam niteZoom. The object illumination is reduced analog to 0 Lux, and then increased again. Note the differences when the IR Cut filter of the ExCam niteZoom is switched off.

ExCam niteZoom with IR Illumination of a rotary plug valve

The video shows a "0 LUX" illumination (visible light) of a rotary plug valve.
As illumination source, an IR spotlight (940nm) is used.

ExCam miniZoom at biomass fermentation

The video shows the ExCam miniZoom on a sight glass, looking in to a biomass fermentation.
The source of illumination is installed on a second sightglass.

ExCam 360° watching a tank farm @SX1500

The video shows a sample of a SAMCONtrol time shift recording of an industrial tank facility. The speed index is set to 1500. Here, for a long-term archive, compression is adjusted, so that the 24h day fits to a one-minute video clip!

Explosion proof CCTV-System: Demo of the ExCam 360°

The video shows the uses of the explosion proof CCTV system ExCam 360°