Quad HD day-/night IP camera with integrated IR illumination meets Artificial Intelligence

The ExCam IPM2036 is a powerful day/night network camera, particularly suitable for use in potentially explosive areas. It offers 4MP resolution (2668 x 1512), integrated IR illumination and a Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU). It is approved according to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), IECEx and EAC-Ex. These and other available approvals can be found in the download area.


  • Broad Certification Landscape for Hazardous Areas (ATEX, IECEx & EAC-Ex, ...)
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU) for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications
  • Day-/Night Functionality
  • High Resolution: 4 MP/ QHD 1440p
  • Built-in IR LEDs and OptimizedIR
  • High Light Sensitivity with 1/2.7" CMOS Sensor
  • Arctic-Temperature-Control (-60°C)
  • Protection Level of IP66/68 (IEC 60529)
  • Lightfinder and WDR Technologies
  • Zipstream and videocompression H.265
  • Optional Housing Cooling allows use up to +120°C
  • Extensive Accessories

Excellent recordings no matter what the circumstances

The ExCam IPM2036 produces its own light! It features built-in, energy-efficient, long-life IR LEDs. The integrated IR lighting (wavelength 855 nm) enables unobtrusive surveillance even in the dark. Thanks to the integrated IR LEDs, there is almost no need for additional illumination. In absolute darkness, the maximum distance is 2 m. The range of the illumination depends on the scene, especially on low light (see test report on illumination).

Lightfinder ensures sharp images with more realistic and saturated colors even of moving objects. WDR compensates for differences in brightness in a scene.

Explosion-proof IP-camera with ATEX-, IECEx- and EAC-Ex-certification

The ExCam series is certified under both the European (ATEX) and the international directive (IECEx). The explosion-proof housing is approved for ATEX group II for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 including explosion groups IIC / IIIC. Furthermore, it also has the EAC-Ex approval.

During the development of the ExCam IPM2036, great value was placed on safety, mechanical precision and high-quality stainless steel. In addition, a modular structure was at the forefront of the development.

With regard to the technical characteristics, we have gone to the limits of what is feasible: In areas such as media resistance and ambient temperature, we are setting standards with the ExCam series.

Outstanding images as a basis for reliable analysis

A high image quality is of crucial importance in order to clearly capture a process and to be able to clearly identify the persons or objects involved. The highest image quality is the prerequisite for reliable analysis. Thanks to its very high resolution of 4MP (1512 p at 30 frames per second), the ExCam IPM2036 provides the best basis for powerful analysis functions.

Artificial intelligence and camera? Of course!

Cameras have long ceased to be used for purely imaging surveillance. Due to the constantly improving processors and the associated performance of the cameras, the decentralized task of image evaluation can now also be carried out directly on the camera - so-called on-edge solutions. The advantage of this camera-based evaluation is above all a lower bandwidth usage, since the actual analysis is carried out from the raw data on the camera and only metadata has to be passed on. This means that events can be reacted to almost in real time. For more on this topic, see our technical report on artificial intelligence in camera systems.

Deep and machine learning makes it possible

Motion detection (video motion detection) has long been able to detect people or vehicles in certain areas. However, the error rate, e.g. due to shadows or objects, was relatively high and the detected movement could not be classified. With the new technology of the ExCam IPM2036 (intelligent algorithms and deep learning processor unit) it is possible to distinguish between a person and a car in the image. The object analysis even goes so far that a distinction can be made between cars, trucks and motorcycles. Object analysis is interesting, e.g. where the access of a person to a danger area in which a machine is moving is to be recognized and reported. This is where completely new possibilities arise.

Powerful analytics with deep learning

The ExCam IPM2036 has a DLPU. This integrated DLPU opens up the possibility for analysis functions such as differentiated object classification. It can reliably detect different objects and differentiates, for example, between a moped, a car, a truck or a person. It also supports third-party AI applications.

Demanding environments – no problem

The ExCam IPM2036 works reliably in the temperature range from -60°C to +120°C.
Thanks to its high-quality materials, the ExCam series is resistant to a large number of media!
The specially designed GYLON flat seals (PTFE) not only make the camera waterproof (IP68), impervious to water jets (IP66) but also resistant to a large number of chemicals. The extremely robust, scratch- and impact-resistant borosilicate glass of the windscreen fits seamlessly into the list of high-quality materials.

What field of view does the camera cover?

The user has 3 lenses to choose from. Depending on the application, he can choose between 3 different viewing angles: wide-angle lens, lens with normal focal length or telephoto lens.



Horizontal AoV@16/9

Horizontal AoV@4/3

Megapixel lens 3.6mm




Megapixel lens 6.0mm




Megapixel lens 8.0mm




Minimum installation effort & Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE), data and power supply can be routed in one cable. This means that only a PoE switch or a PoE midspan is required for the connection in the safe area. The cameras are supplied with power via Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE 802.3af) via the network, eliminating the need for a costly installation of a separate power supply line. The ExCam IPM2036 delivers several different video streams simultaneously and supports H.264, H.265 and MJPG.

Day/night functionality

The ExCam IPM2036 is equipped with a day/night function. This makes them particularly suitable for use in outdoor or indoor areas with poor lighting. When brightness falls below a certain level, the camera automatically switches to night mode to produce high-quality black and white images using near-infrared light. Near-infrared light, which is between 780 and around 1000 nanometers, cannot be perceived by the human eye, or only to a limited extent. The image sensor of the ExCam IPM2036 can recognize and use this light. The infrared cut filter is automatically removable.

Local Recording Storage & Edge Storage

The ExCam IPM2036 has a microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC slot for memory cards (card not included), which means that every camera has an integrated recording memory. In addition, the camera supports active recordings in a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

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