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SAMCON 01 Wiring the cable SKDP03-T to the junction box ExTB3

This Tutorial shows the electrical connection of a camera-junction box. In a first step the system cable SKDP03-T is configured. In the next step it is explained how to insert the cable into the terminal box ExTB-3 and how to connect it with the clamps.

SAMCON 02 Mounting and installing Ex d barrier glands to ExConnection Rails

The tutorial shows the mounting of the Ex-d barrier gland.This barrier gland is necessary if you insert the system cable SKDP03-T into Ex-d. It is explained how to configure the connection, how to knead the barrier gland and what is to be noted when sticking.

SAMCON 03 Mounting and installing the RJ45 jack to SAMCON cables

In this Video you can see the connection of a RJ 45 plug (Ex-d or non-ex).