"Managing a company does not mean to make all mistakes by oneself but to pass on this opportunity also to the colleagues."


Steffen Seibert

management, process control Systems, software development, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-13
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: s.seibertsamcon eu
vCard: Steffen Seibert


Regina Marquordt

secretariat, accounting

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-15
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: r.marquordtsamcon eu
vCard: Regina Marquordt


Tanja Paternoster

secretariat, accounting

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-84
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: t.paternostersamcon eu
vCard: Tanja Paternoster


Roger Thoms

quality management, process control systems, automation systems, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-16
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: r.thomssamcon eu
vCard: Roger Thoms


Helmut Seibert

management, process control systems, automation systems, commissioning management, migartion concepts of controll systems

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-11
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: h.seibertsamcon eu
vCard: Helmut Seibert