The RoughCam IPP1280 is a thermal network camera for use in industrial areas – offering all advantages of thermal detection. The RoughCam IPP1280 is a modular Network-Camera. This means that it consists of two units: the ultra compact sensor unit (lens and image sensor) and the main unit (network, power and memory card slot).


  • Extremely Robust
  • Ultra-Compact and Leightweight Sensor Unit in Combination with a Main Unit
  • Thermal Technology for Low False Alarm Rate
  • Single-Cable-Solution (PoE)
  • Protection Level of IP68/IP66 (IEC 60529)
  • Resolution thermal: 208x156


Extremely Robust IP-Camera 

During the RoughCam IPP1280’s development stage the focus was clearly laid on security aspects as well as mechanical precision and high-quality stainless steels. In addition, the modular design of the housing components prior to the camera’s development allows a free combination of the individual housing components such as different flanges in combination with the housing body - without any limitations regarding explosion protection.



Various Applications

Thermal cameras can be used for various applications, completely independant from lightning conditions. In security services a thermal camera can optimally complete a visual camera.

Reliable Thermal Images

The RoughCam IPP1280 delivers a reliable detection any time of day and night. It sees even in complete darkness! It is ideally suitable for monitoring the temperature of large surfaces because it doesn`t control the temperature punctually but in the whole recording area. The camera recognises immediatly a rise in temperature. Even moving and difficult to access objects are no problem for the RoughCam IPP1280. It can detect persons and vehicles without beeing in conflict with privacy. It decreases false alarms. The allowed ambient temperature range of the RoughCam IPP1280 starts at -30°C and goes up to +60°C.



Ultra-compact housing - thermal resolution

With its length of just 127 mm and a diameter of only 47 mm, the Sensor Unit of the RoughCam IPP1280 is as small that you can mount it everywhere. Thanks to the microbolometer the RoughCam IPP1280 can deliver thermal images of moving objects.


Distance Range


Johnson Criteria
(theoretical values)
focal distanceAngle of viewDetection
values may vary in different weather conditionsmmHorizontal


1.8 x 0.5 m


4 x 1.5 m

Detection (1.5 Pixel on target)435.4°166 - 182511 - 559
Recognition (6 Pixel on target)435.4°41 - 45127 - 139
Identification (12 Pixel on target)435.4° 20 - 2263 - 69

Media resistance and seals

Due to the high-quality materials used for the T11 Series, it is resistant against a lot of media. The particularly designed GYLON (PTFE) flat sealing does not only ensure the housing to be watertight (IP68) but also supports the resistance towards several chemicals. The extremely robust and scratch-proof as well as high-impact resistant germanium glass fits perfectly into the high-quality materials of the housing body.

Reduced installation costs & Power over Ethernet (PoE)

A particularity of the RoughCam IPP1280 is that data as well as power is transmitted via a single cable which means that for the installation within the safe area, only a PoE-Switch or a PoE-Midspan is required.



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