The ExCam SUFA4115 is an ultracompact sensor unit for use in hazardous areas. It offers HDTV-resolution (1920x1080 with 1007120 fps) and a powerful varifocal-lens. The ExCam SUFA4115 is part of a modular Ex-Network-Camera. It should be used together with a seperately sold ExConnection Rail FA54 or a main unit FA54. The ExCam series is certified according to European regulations (ATEX) as well as international ones (IECEx). These certificates and other documentation can be found in the download area.


  • Certification for Hazardous Areas
  • Ultra compact and leightweight
  • Single-Cable-Solution
  • Protection Level of IP68 (IEC 60529)
  • High Resolution: 1920x1080 (HDTV 1080p)
  • Varifocal-Lens
  • Forensic-WDR Technologies


Explosion-proof IP-sensor unit with ATEX- & IECEx-certification

Besides the European regulations (ATEX), the ExCam series is also certified according to international regulations (IECEx). The housings’ certification comprises ATEX group II (Gas and Dust) for zone 1, 2 as well as 21 and 22 including the explosion groups IIC / IIIC with a high risk of mechanical threat.

During the ExCam SUFA4115’s development stage the focus was clearly laid on security aspects as well as mechanical precision and high-quality stainless steels. In addition, the modular design of the housing components prior to the camera’s development allows a free combination of the individual housing components such as different flanges in combination with the housing body - without any limitations regarding explosion protection.

Regarding the technical parameters we have pushed the limits of what is feasible: In the media resistance and the ambient temperature we set standards with the ExCam series.


Media resistance and seals

Due to the high-quality materials used for the T07 Series, it meets the requirements of a comprehensive media resistance list! The particularly designed GYLON (PTFE) flat sealing does not only ensure the housing to be watertight (IP68) but also supports the resistance towards several chemicals. The extremely robust and scratch-proof as well as high-impact resistant borosilicate glass fits perfectly into the high-quality materials of the housing body.



The allowed ambient temperature range of the ExCam SUFA4115 starts at -20°C and goes up to +50°C.



Small housing - great resolution (HD)

With its length of just 127 mm and a diameter of only 48 mm, the ExCam SUFA4115 is smaller than some camera models for safe areas – but with more powerful functions. 


The ExCam SUFA4115 provides a lens with vario-focus. It is excellent for overview or close-up applications.

Differences in Brightness and Colour Rendering

The ExCam SUFA4115 delivers razor sharp images in any light. It is equipped with Wide Dynamic Range - Forensic Capture, which enables the camera to handle scenes with strong variations in light. Even in poor light the camera offers good colour video.

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