Wash and Wipe Equipment

for hazardous areas


How to clean an explosion proof camera and improve visibility? Clear sight thanks to efficient cleaning! Now we can't only offer an ex-proof camera with a wiper but also a cleaning unit. This washing system was especially developed for combined use with our cameras in hazardous areas. Despite its compact size up to 4 ex-cameras could easily be connected.
The washer kit smart.Cleaner consists of an outer housing and explosion proofed components (ExConnection Rail, Ex-Valves) in the inner. The components are certified both for european (ATEX) and international (IECEx) regulations. The ex-d housings' certification comprises ATEX group II for zone 1, 2 as well as 21 and 22 including the explosion groups IIC / IIIC.
The washing system is controlled via IP. It posseses an I/O-modul. The cleaning fluid could be controlled directly via the camera or via the browser. The 4 valves are switchable very quickly and they are extremly sturdy.
The customer can choose between 230 VAC or 24 VDC power supply. The water connection is also variable: either the smart.Cleaner is connected with a commen water supply or it could be fed with cleaning fluid from up to 2 tanks. This tanks could be pressurised manually or or pneumatically.

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