The T04 ExConnection Rail series is a high-performance PoE-switch for use in hazardous areas. It has been developed to connect our explosion-proof network cameras. The ExConnection Rail series is approved according to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and IECEx.


  • ATEX, IECEx and EAC-Ex Certification for Hazardous Areas
  • High Power-POE-Switch
  • Flameproof Enclosure for Wall Mount
  • Protection Level IP 66
  • Use even at Arctic Temperatures (-60°C)
  • 24 VDC Power Supply for 8x Camera Heaters

Long-distance connection possible

The centrepiece of the ExConnection Rails is a high-performance PoE-network-switch. The connection can be realized across long distances regardless of media. The network connection can be implemented via optical fibers, copper-bound Ethernet or WLAN. As an option, the FX ports can also be executed to reflect the ignition protection category [op is].


The Ex-d-rated housing is made from  copper-free, seawater-resistant aluminum and ready for wall mounting.

The ExConnection Rail contains the PoE-switch, power supplies, fuses, coupling relays, and, if necessary, media converters or WLAN access points.

Optional accessories

Our ExConnection Rails as well as the connected camera-systems can require different power supply. Existing systems are often provided with 24 VAC, modern systems with 24 VDC or 230 VAC. This applies to both, ConnectionRails and camera systems. We are able to realize all these voltage levels for you independent from requirements.

The power supply also allows to integrate a self-regulating heater to meet extremly low temperature ranges ( up to -60°C).

For maximum corrosion resistance and additional protection under increased mechanical loading the ExConnection Rail could be lacquered in special RAL colors.

For simple visual check of the status LEDs a model with sight glas is available.

The ExConnection Rail could be mounted at a portable stainless steel frame for mobile use.

All connections are pluggable.

With the "I/O" package, an easy but effective communication with external devices or systems can be set up. With the binary outputs, lights and safety gates, for example, can be switched on by motion detection. With the binary outputs, external commands such as recordings, can be transferred to the video system.

Installation and commissioning

The ExConnection Rails are supplied with complete technical documentation, circuit diagrams, user manuals and preinstalled camera drivers. The installation and commissioning of the Connection Rail can be reduced to elementary, simple steps: Establish the power supply – connect the network – connect the cameras. And you‘re done!

Questions about our products

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