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The better the lighting of an object or a scene, the better the camera images, i.e. video surveillance. Light not only improves camera images in applications with visible light, but also with infrared light. Since the combination of illuminance and camera sensitivity is of crucial importance, our LED lighting for hazardous areas is optimally matched to the cameras in our ExCam series.

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Why did SAMCON develop its own series of lights?

First of all, the question arises as to why SAMCON, whose core competence has so far been cameras for hazardous areas, has developed its own series of lights. There are already explosion-proof lights on the market, e.g. from Papenmeier, RayTec, Max Müller or R.Stahl. So why own SAMCON headlights?

1. The importance of lighting for a good camera image

For the human eye, the world only becomes visible through light. Without light there are no pictures. Good lighting is also fundamental for video surveillance for the same reason. The performance of a video surveillance system depends not only on the components of the camera and the lens, but also on the quantity, quality and distribution of the available light. Light determines whether and at what distances a subject can be seen at all. The quality and direction of the light controls the appearance of the subject. Our liteServer series was developed to improve the performance of our CCTV cameras in difficult lighting conditions (up to absolute darkness) and to provide an intelligent security solution with full network capability.

2. Why not use lights from other manufacturers?

"In the past, we had to resort to lighting systems from other suppliers for applications with difficult lighting conditions. However, we were unable to find suitable products for many of these applications. For example, compact spotlights for process lighting were missing and we lacked the combination of highly available stainless steel housing for the toughest environmental conditions with effective CCTV -illumination", says Steffen Seibert, CEO at SAMCON. In hazardous areas, safety is the top priority. With our Ex-d empty housing series T07 we already had the perfect basis. And so we can now offer "turnkey" systems for camera and illumination.

What makes SAMCON lights / lite servers unique?


  • Certification for hazardous areas / ATEX, IECEx, ...
  • Many possible combinations thanks to the modular design
  • Wide range: from ultra-compact spotlights for process illumination to illumination of large areas; from simple on/off applications to fully networkable, "intelligent" luminaires
  • Integration between lighting and camera system; Lights switchable via the camera
  • Different versions: cold white, warm white or infrared
  • Long service life of the LEDs (20000-40000 operating hours)
  • Extremely high illumination with minimum power consumption / minimum temperature at the black absorber
  • Extremely robust stainless steel housing

"When developing the liteServer, in addition to security and quality, we also attached great importance to the best possible illumination with minimum power consumption," says Steffen Seibert - optimal performance and reliability!

How far and how bright is the illumination? What limits the illumination?

LEDs have a very high efficiency, i.e. the light output is very high. A black absorber gets hotter with LEDs than with halogen lights. So the balancing act between maximum illumination energy and minimum temperature at the black absorber must be managed. See the test protocol in the Asslar tunnel

What certificates are there for hazardous areas?

So far the lights are ATEX & IECEx certified. Further certificates can be realized on customer request: EAC-Ex, UKEX, PESO, ... A mining permit is also being planned.

Are the lights also suitable for mobile use?

The devices have passed the drop test according to the standard and can therefore also be used on the move. So far, however, there is no battery variant, but this will follow in a later development step.

In which areas can SAMCON lights / liteServers be used?

In principle, we see the areas of application for the lights wherever explosion-proof cameras are used and the lighting conditions are not always optimal: in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as process lighting in apparatus and machine construction, but also as outdoor lighting, e.g. on offshore platforms. Our first major lighting project is for a painting and dosing machine builder. We are now pleased to be able to offer camera and lighting systems from a single source.

Certification Ex-Luminaires T20


Scheme/marketNo.Ex-Installation Manual
ATEX CertificateTÜV 21 ATEX 8696 X (2021)DE, EN
IECEx CertificateTUR 22.0076X (2022)EN
UKEX CertificateTÜV 24 UKEX 7178 X (2024)EN
Further Certificatesupon request



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