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Wall Mount Brackets

Our Wall Mount Brackets

Wall Mount Bracket WMB-VA2.1/2.2

For ExCam Series T08-VA2.1/VA2.2:
- ExCam IPM114x
- ExCam IP 1365

Wall Mount Bracket WMB-VA2.3

For the ExCam Series T08-VA2.3:
- ExCam IPQ1645
- ExCam IPQ1785

Wall Mount Bracket WMB-TNXCD

For the ExCam Series T08-TNXCD:
- ExCam IPP5655

Our Wall Mount Brackets are made of stainless steel and therefore they are corrosion resistant. Furthermore they are sturdy and vibration tested. The Wall Mount Bracket is designed for easy mounting of fixed network cameras. Thanks to the stainless steel mounting bracket the chosen camera can be adjusted in various tilt angles.










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