"Design and development are basically very simple processes:
Customers create a demand for an equipment, a system or a solution and the development department has to satisfy those needs.
So basically all of our developments and designs are based on customers’ requirements."

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Thiemo Gruber

hardware development, process control systems, commisioning support, Ex-Connection-Rail series, ex-camera systems

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-17
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: t.grubersamcon eu
vCard: Thiemo Gruber


Sebastian Weber

production, installation, commissioning, repair, mechanical construction, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-21
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: s.webersamcon eu
vCard: Sebastian Weber


Michael Kassner

software development, consulting, 2nd level support, SAMCONtrol,
WinCon, WebPI, Hosting & Server management

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-82
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: m.kassnersamcon eu
vCard: Michael Kassner


Steffen Seibert

hardware development, software development, process control systems, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-13
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31
Email: s.seibertsamcon eu
vCard: Steffen Seibert


Mario Reschke

freelancer, process control systems, automation systems , software development, camera systems for hazardous areas, industrial networks, visualisation software, OPC client applications

Telefon: +49-6426 9231-0
Telefax: +49-6426 9231-31