With the short wall mounting bracket all cameras of our ExCam Series with the modelkey T08-VA0.x and T08-VA1.x, as well as the RoughCam Series T10-VA0.x and T10-VA1.x can easily be mounted on wall or ceiling. The wall mount bracket is made of stainless steel and for this resistant to corrosion. Furthermore the wall mount bracket is sturdy and vibration tested. It is perfectly suitable for industrial areas, for onshore, offshore and marine applications. The manual pan angle is 360°, manual tilt angle 90°.


  • Made of stainless steel (1.4404)
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Extremely sturdy, vibration tested
  • Light, easy mounting
  • Compatible with cameras of the ExCam Series T08-VA0.x, T08-VA1.x and of the RoughCam Series T10-VA0.x, T10-VA1.x

Compatible products:
ExCam IPP1275, ExCam IPM3016, ExCam IPP1280, ExCam XI80, ExCam e.Vario, ExCam miniTube,
RoughCam IPP1275, RoughCam IPM3016, RoughCam IPP1280, RoughCam e.Vario, RoughCam miniTube

Mechanical Characteristics:
Material: Stainless Steel (1.4404)
Weight: 0.46 kg
Dimensions: 80x100x205 mm
Manual pan angle: 360°
Manual tilt angle: 90°

Included Accessories:
Mounting material

Optional Accessories:
Pole Mount Bracket PMB-VA0.x/VA1.x/VA2.x
Pole Mount Bracket PMB-TNXCD






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