With our RoughCam IPM3016, an ultra-compact network camera is available for hard industrial areas!

The RoughCam IPM3016 is an efficient IP megapixel camera which can be used even under the  hardest industrial conditions. Despite its ultra-compact design, it offers Full HDTV resolution (1080p) in combination with a wide-angle lens.




What makes this camera so special? Why is this model better than the previous model?

The RoughCam IPM3016 features a better sensor and therefor has an even better resolution than the previous model. The image quality is twice as high in comparison to the RoughCam IPM3014 and thanks to progressive scan, the RoughCam IPM3016 offers high-resolution images of moving objects in maximum resolution of up to 30fps: Without motion blur! The CMOS sensor provides multiple video streams at  3MP.


Why is the RoughCam IPM3016 that economical?

The RoughCam IPM3016 is a very compact and economical extremly robust camera. During its development we paid particular attention designing the mechanical adapters in such a way that the camera can be produced with only small production effort. A highly resistant and electrically insulating 3D-plastic adapter hosts, in just one component, the web server circuit board, the CMOS sensor, the lens as well as the temperature controller! Due to this, less space is required and installation times are reduced in comparison to regular sheet metal designs so that the total costs are reduced as well. This is a price adventage which our customers profit from.


Which field of view does the camera cover?

LensIrisHorizontal AoV@16/9Horizontal AoV@4/3
Megapixel lens 2.8mmF2.690°78°



Are there further advantages of the RoughCam IPM3016?

Solid and media resistant: The RoughCam IPM3016 in the stainless steel housing only has a weight of 3,000 g. This means that our camera weighs only about a tenth of comparable cameras! With its length of just 158 mm and a diameter of only 79 mm, the RoughCam IPM3016 is smaller than some camera models for safe areas – but with more powerful functions.
Due to the high-quality materials used for the RoughCam Series, it meets the requirements of a comprehensive media resistance list! It is also possible to freely select different stainless steel alloys to reflect the best execution for your application. Even a coating or powder coating of the housing is feasible to realize individual media resistance requirements.
The particularly designed GYLON (PTFE) flat sealing does not only ensure the housing to be watertight (IP68) but also supports resistance towards several chemicals. The extremely robust and scratch-proof as well as high-impact resistant borosilicate glass fits perfectly into the high-quality materials of the housing body.


Reduced installation costs & Power over Ethernet (PoE)

A particularity of the RoughCam IPM3016 is that the data streams as well as the power is transmitted via a single cable which means that for the installation, only a PoE switch or a PoE Midspan is required.
As the power supply of the camera is executed via Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE 802.3af) via the network, no costly installation of a separate power supply is required.


Multistreaming – Several different video streams at the same time!

It is possible to provide several H.264 video as well as motion JPEG video streams simultaneously – either at full picture rate or individually optimized to meet different quality requirements and bandwidth restrictions.





Click at the picture to view and control our camera live! If you want to test further camera functions log in as a user (user name: demo/password: demo).

RoughCam IPM3016 HAoV@16/9=90°

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