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The ExCam miniZoom is the world's smallest explosion-proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, this video camera has a 10x motorised zoom lens, allowing it to be optimally adapted to a specific angle and lighting situation.

Despite the cameras compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens, allowing it to be optimally adapted to the specific angle and lighting situation.

Thanks to the use of the VISCA® protocol for control of the camera, it is suitable both for simple video monitoring solutions as well as industrial image processing. This makes it unique within its performance class.

Certifications and Zones:


Some Features and Data:

Aluminium or stainless steel? One camera – two housings!

Care for something lighter? The ExCam miniZoom in an aluminium housing isperfectly suited for outdoor applications and has outstanding heat conduction properties when combined with the sun shade.

Something refined? The ExCam miniZoom in a stainless steel housing.
Extremely refined and compact, the ExCam miniZoom in a stainless steel housing is perfectly suited for applications in chemically aggressive environments.

Both housings are designed with IP67 protection and are resistant to seawater.
The borosilicate glass of the housing is scratch-proof and free of optical distortions. The optimal housing for every application!

High-quality optical systems

The camera system is suitable for applications that require extremely sharp images and detailed recognition, such as machine or plant monitoring in the chemical industry as well as at tank storage sites, inspection windows and filling stations. The available camera modules adapt optimally to the most difficult lighting conditions.

Heating when it‘s cold!

The ExCam miniZoom is optionally available with a self-regulating housing heating system. The housing heating systems decides on its own, whether heating is necessary!

At temperatures from -20°C to +50°C, the lens of this camera for explosion risk zones is kept free of ice to deliver excellent images - even under extreme temperatures.