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The ExCam niteZoom is the world's smallest explosion-proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens, plus IR CUT filter, allowing it to be optimally adapted to a specific angle and lighting situation.

Certifications and Zones:


Some Features and Data:

High sensitivity and superb picture quality for surveillance monitoring, and inspection applications. The ExCam niteZoom is an explosion proof zoom camera for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX)

The ExCam niteZoom is the world's smallest explosion proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens, allowing it to be optimally adapted to a specific angle and lighting situation.

Thanks to the use of the VISCA protocol for control of the camera, it is suitable both for simple video monitoring solutions as well as industrial image processing. This makes it unique within its performance class.

1/3'' Super HAD CCD-Sensor II

Excellent Picture Quality, Very High Sensitivity, High Resolution Images. The ExCam niteZoom incorporates the newly-developed Super HAD CCD II sensor that offers highly improved sensitivity and colour reproduction compared to earlier sensors. In addition, the camera can operate with a minimum illumination of 0.25 lx, resulting in a significant improvement in image quality under limited lighting conditions. By combining a powerful DSP with this new CCD, the camera achieves a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines.

Day/Night Function

The ExCam niteZoom features a Day/Night capability, which provides optimum sensitivity in both day and night shooting applications. As the scene illumination darkens, the infrared filter is automatically removed. The camera then switches to B&W mode enabling it to operate under a minimum illumination of 0.0004 lx (Auto ICR On).

Slow AE Response Function – Ideal for Abrupt Lighting Condition Changes

The ExCam niteZoom is equipped with a slow AE response function to automatically slow the rate at which camera exposure levels change. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when Full-Auto AE or Priority (shutter/iris) modes are selected. This function is essential for monitoring applications when lighting conditions change abruptly.

Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone - Masking with Mosaic Effect

In addition to conventional colour masking, unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked using a mosaic effect. When this explosion proof zoom camera is installed in a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (P/T/Z) camera system, masking areas are interlocked with P/T/Z movements, regardless of the camera angle or movement.

Powerful and Versatile Zoom Capability

The ExCam niteZoom incorporates a 10x zoom lens. When used in combination with its 12x digital zoom, the camera achieves a zooming capability of up to 120x.

Multi-line On-screen Display

The ExCam niteZoom camera can display up to eleven lines with 20 characters per line on the monitoring screen by using VISCA™ commands. Captions can be displayed on screen to provide operators with a user-friendly interface.

ExCam niteZoom direct.Control

The ExCam niteZoom direct.Control technology solves a very old problem of controllable cameras in the network: direct.Control makes it possible to control our ExCam niteZoom locally, as well as from the control room!

Which task is solved by direct.Control?

Imagine, our ExCam niteZoom is installed, for example, at the highest point a crane. The crane itself can be controlled from two operator stations: Locally, by means of the operating unit and from the central cab. To deliver the camera streams from the camera to both operating stations is not a problem. But who is allowed to control the camera where from? With direct.Control the camera can be controlled both locally, as well as from the central cab!

How does direct.Control work?

The camera module of the ExCam niteZoom can be controlled in two ways: Via VISCA Protocol on the bit-serial interface RS422 and via a resistor network, which is read cyclically from the camera controller. direct.Control is therefore an extremely compact resistance matrix, located in the camera body, which can be wired customized. This allows on-site control almost any function, without compromising control via VISCA protocol.

Which functions can be managed by direct.Control?

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