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The ExCam vario is an explosion proof camera with variofocal lens and DC-Iris. The video camera delivers superb picture quality for process monitoring and surveillance technology. The ExCam vario is approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). With its manually adjustable lens, the camera concludes a product gap to our controlable explosion proof camera systems as the ExCam miniZoom or the ExCam niteZoom.

Certifications and Zones:


Some Features and Data:

Explosion proof camera with manually adjustable lens

With its manually adjustable lens, it concludes a product gap to our controlable industrial camera systems like the ExCam miniZoom or the ExCam niteZoom. Within comissioning, the camera is to be adjusted to an object (zoom and focus). Thanks to the integrated DC-Iris and auto IR cut filter, the ExCam vario is doing exceptionally well in changing light conditions.

1/3'' Super HAD™ Interline Transfer CCD Sensor

Excellent Picture Quality, Very High Sensitivity, High Resolution Images. The ExCam vario incorporates the newly-developed Super HAD CCD sensor that offers highly improved sensitivity and colour reproduction compared to earlier sensors. In addition, the explosion proof camera can operate with a minimum illumination of 0.15 lx, resulting in a significant improvement in image quality under limited lighting conditions. By combining a powerful DSP with this new CCD, this explosion proof camera achieves a high horizontal resolution of 540 TV lines.

Day/Night Function

The ExCam vario features a Day/Night capability, which provides optimum sensitivity in both day and night shooting applications. As the scene illumination darkens, the infrared filter is automatically removed. The camera then switches to B&W mode enabling it to operate under a minimum illumination of  0,15 lx (AGC-Turbo, S/W).

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