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Oil and gas are still important energy sources and are hard to replace, especially for mobile applications. Since it is only in the rarest cases that the raw materials are used in the same place where they are found, they have to be transported, usually through pipeline systems. From the points of extraction to land (onshore) or water (offshore), the fuels are often transported across long distances to the buyer or processor.

The compressors or pumping stations along the transport route ensure the necessary pressure is maintained in the pipeline. The plants are usually controlled from a central control station. However, this is often a long way from where the process is taking place.  Depending on their size, drilling platforms are frequently unmanned. Important process data, such as the pumping pressure, temperatures, or flow rate, are transmitted to the control station either along data lines in the pipelines, or via satellite. The equipment used is also exclusively installed in potentially explosive atmospheres, and so needs to be suitable for use in these areas.

Resilient equipment for the toughest applications 

  • The ExCam series, especially the stainless steel models, are the most resilient eplosion proof cameras in their class: their extremely  weather resistant stainless steel casings have a rating of IP68, which means they are absolutely dust-tight  and watertight during submersion, making them ideally suited for all on- and offshore uses.
  • Our cameras can be heated: not just the lenses, but the whole body of the camera. So that nothing freezes and all systems function optimally even at -60°C (-76°F).
  • Despite their light weight and small dimensions, all cameras in the ExCam series are constructed using the “pressure-proof encapsulation” type of ignition protection. This means that, unlike for rival products in “pressurised enclosures”, no additional pressure monitoring equipment needs to be installed. The installation costs of the ExCam series are thus kept to a minimum.
  • Our system cables were specially developed for use in potentially explosive areas. With the special PUR jacket, they not only comply with the Ex regulations of standard 60079-14, but are also flame-retardant, robust and even suitable for use in extreme temperature ranges.
  • The ExCam IPQ1615 is a powerful IP megapixel camera. It combines excellent image and video performance with advanced hardware and outstanding processing functions. The ExCam IPQ1785 has a powerful motor zoom auto focus lens (32x optical zoom). It can be equipped with a wiper. In addition to our dome cameras, which are ideally suited for surveillance, we also offer analog systems.

Network and availability – new technologies solve old problems

In the long term, IP based communication networks will replace the analog structures of existing CCTV networks. The advantages of the TCP/IP protocol are obvious: audio signals, process data and video signals can be easily transmitted over long distances that installation distances lose their significance.

  • Cameras  in hazardous areas can be connected to the (Ex)Connection Rail series, and their signals converted into  network flows. This step makes these signals readily available, whether directly on site, on the control room at the other end of the country, or even worldwide.
  • Unmanned drilling, conveying or compression stations can be viewed, monitored and controlled from a central station.
  • Videos can be displayed where they are needed, even directly in the process control system.


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