CCTV (Surveillance Systems)

We have planned video monitoring systems in explosion risk zones and hazardous areas for a wide range of customers since 2003. The CCTV applications range here from simple system monitoring to controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission for increasing work safety in explosion risk zones.
Within the framework of our project planning, our highest priority is technical implementation of the needs of our customer. Our past experience represents only the starting point for the available options since we constantly strive to identify new ways to solve CCTV problems.
In the area of CCTV project planning, we offer our customers:

  • Selection of explosion proof camera components, as required (lighting tests, viewing angle, etc.)
  • Detailed hardware planning (installation panel drawings, circuit diagrams, field video distribution boards, etc.)
  • Detailed software planning (motion detection, recording, individual html pages, process control system, PLC integration)
  • Automation with CCTV sensors (counting, image comparison circuits, e.g. as overfilling safeguards, geometry filters, etc.)
  •  Integration into existing video monitoring systems (analogue and digital networks, combination of various digitalisation devices, etc.)
  • Installation and commissioning of the CCTV system