Combination device unites an Ex-certified high-performance camera with an Ex luminaire

The ExCam IPM1137-LE combines the two devices camera and light in one. It is the ideal solution for low-light areas. In order to optimize the performance of the camera in difficult lighting conditions (up to absolute darkness), the lighting and camera of the ExCam IPM1137-LE are optimally coordinated and the light can be easily switched via the camera.

The camera: 5MP resolution meets powerful remote zoom varifocal lens and MLPU

The ExCam IPM1137 is a cost-effective megapixel network camera, particularly suitable for use in hazardous areas. In addition to 5 MP resolution (2592 x 1944), it offers a powerful remote zoom varifocal lens and a Machine Learning Processing Unit (MLPU). It is approved according to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), IECEx, EAC-Ex, INMETRO, UKEX, MASC and PESO.

The world's smallest LED spotlight for hazardous areas: liteServer Ex.micro

The liteServer Ex.micro is the perfect addition to our cameras in dimly lit areas. It has a built-in, energy-efficient, long-life LED. This is either white or infrared. The lighting series is approved in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and IECEx.

Combination device ExCam IPM1137-LE

The camera and light are connected to each other by a robust stainless steel component and can be mounted together. The light is simply switched via the camera. The light is also powered with just one cable via the camera.

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