SPOTLIGHT ON – SAMCON brings light into the darkness with new lightening systems

With the liteServer series we are expanding and supplementing our product portfolio. In addition to explosion-proof cameras, SAMCON now also offers the right lighting. Our new LED lighting systems make every scene and every object shine.

Only through light does the world become visible, both for the human eye and for cameras: Without light, there are no pictures! Conversely, the better the lighting, the better the video surveillance. Light enhances camera images in visible and infrared light applications.
In the past, we had to use lighting systems from other suppliers for applications with difficult lighting conditions. However, we could not find any suitable products for many of these applications. For example, compact spotlights for scene / process illumination were missing and we lacked the combination of high-quality stainless steel housing for the toughest environmental conditions with effective CCTV illumination. In hazardous areas, safety is the top priority. With our Ex-d housing series T07 we already had the perfect basis. Equipped with efficient, durable LED technology, our explosion-proof luminaires are significantly more robust and compact than the lighting systems currently available on the market. Our liteServer series was developed to improve the performance of our CCTV cameras in difficult lighting conditions and to provide an intelligent security solution from a single source. For more information check out our product page.